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Current Availability

Here's a brief overview of my availability, I will be updating this frequently as bookings are changing all the time. 

All bookings will need to be confirmed by me directly.  

Please make sure you double check your dates before you book as due to demand I might not always be able to add on extra days at the last minute. Also, don't forget to allow for any time difference if retuning from another country.

If you can book your pets stay the day before you travel it will help ease any last minute travel stress issues.

If this shows I'm full at the time you need me do get in touch as this page might not have been updated at that time.  If I am full I do have a cancellation diary so I'll be happy to pop your details in there and let you know if a space becomes available.  

It's advisable to book your furry friends in with me as soon as you know your holiday dates to avoid disappointment.  

As usual, please contact me if you have any queries at all..

FEBRUARY 2024; HALF TERM FULL /  Limited Availability 

MARCH 2024; 4th - 10th closed / 11th - 31st Limited Availability

APRIL 2024; EASTER FULL / Limited Availability

MAY 2024; Limited Availability

JUNE 2024; Limited Availability

JULY 2024; 1st - 16th closed  / 17th - 31st Limited Availability

AUGUST 2024; 1st - 10th FULL / Limited Availability

SEPTEMBER 2024; Limited Availability

OCTOBER 2024; Limited Availability

NOVEMBER 2024; Good Availability

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