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This is the Buns Away summerhouse which has been converted to house three very large hutches all are just under 8ft wide and 3ft deep & 2'7 ft high so plenty of room for stretching out!


The summerhouse is fully insulated and always locked securely.  It's been placed in a shady part of my garden to keep it cool in the warm summer months and with the clear panels on the door it's lovely and light too!

Hutches are lined with a washable covering so when you arrive you can relax knowing your pets are in a very clean, healthy environment.  All hutches and cages will be thoroughly cleaned out daily.

Each hutch will have daily access to their own individual outdoor  secure run (weather permitting ) for yet more fun and exercise!  NOTE; in very busy times run space may be limited due to my small garden.   I would never mix unbonded rabbits or guinea pigs. Due to hygiene runs will not be placed directly on the grass but each run will have a secure solid base which will be covered with lovely fresh hay daily along with toys and cardboard boxes to play with.  The base of each run will be thoroughly cleaned (using a suitable pet friendly disinfectant) every evening when everyone is back in the summerhouse for night time as this will allow the runs to dry completely so they can be used the following day.  Each run and hutch will be thoroughly steam cleaned between visitors.


Indoor guests will be staying in my own home either in my lounge or kitchen (depending on hutch/cage size and type of pet).  Space is limited so early booking is advised.  

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hutch 5.jpg
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